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You're Not A Leader Without Vision

The visionary founder of WalMart said, "Capital isn't scarce; vision is." How true and apropos that statement is as it applies to both business and organizational leadership. In training and developing leaders for more than three decades, one of the major concerns (excuses?)

8 Vital Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Become A Coach

This article sets out key questions that anyone considering becoming a coach should ask themselves before making a decision to train. It set out simply and clearly key issues and offer some suggestions about how to think about the questions without trying to give answers - after all, each person has

Self Help And Anger Management

People that get angered easily may need some effective means to control themselves and may thus need to look for a proper anger management technique that will answer to their needs to control them in situations that often gets well out of hand. With people having serious instances of anger managemen

Life Purpose

Who will I be when I grow up? Many of us kind of bumble along in life, going with the flow, without firm plans or goals. Others have a clearly delineated pathway from an early age. There's no right or wrong way to do this. We need to find the right balance for us between being totally driven on

Manifesting Prosperity And Abundance: Asking Is Believing

Your time is precious. You have important work to do, after all, that only you can do. Your higher purpose, whatever that may be, is meant to lift up this world and its humanity to a much higher dimension of loftiness. This article is intended to help you who is seeking your own truth, the one truth

The Law of Gratitude

When you are feeling your lowest, I'm sure you can't imagine one thing to be grateful for. When you think you are deprived, your feelings and thoughts revolve around what you don't have. You may ...

Improve Yourself and Find Peace

Do not judge yourself and you will find that you will lose the need to judge others. We are ALL filled with the same doubt and fear, so give other people a break. There is nothing better to improve your self image then to be able to distance yourself from it.

Live Your Life in Utmost Happiness With Addiction Rehab

The real suffering of addiction can not be better understood by anyone, like it's understood by all those people who are alcohol and drug addicted and the near-dear ones of those people. There was a time when people used to search the appropriate addiction treatment programs perfectly suited fo

Questions to Ask Before Volunteering - Obligation

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things you will do. Volunteering will also be a frustrating experience if you do not consider the answers to a few questions before you commit your time and energy. One of those questions is "Do you know what your true obligation will be?"

The Five Types of Anger That One Could Experience

Have you ever wondered if there could be different kinds of anger? Yes, just as there are different kinds of people around there are also different kinds of angers that these different kinds of people can experience. Sometimes, it's hard to recognize when people are angry.

Law of Attraction and Vibration

What is vibration, and more importantly what does it have to do with law of attraction? Well to put it in a nutshell, vibration is everything. We use all our senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and vision. All our senses interpret those things because of vibration.

Antidote for Angst

This article discusses solutions to overcoming stress. Learn what tools can help you better manage pressure from work and everyday life situations.

How to Plan an Event Properly

Planning an event requires a lot of information, effort and time. Some times things can get more overwhelming than you thought possible. It is usually during the most chaotic moments that something ha