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9 Secrets to Pampering Yourself in a Pinch

There are women all over this country who feel like they've lost themselves somewhere along the way of life. While their reasons are many, the answers are all the same, "There's just not enough time in the day for me."Without adding that 25th...

Women's Power - The Triple Goddess

We live in a time of new beginnings. It is a new time of rights and freedom for women and for spirituality. However our society based on a patriarchal (or male) focus has no understanding or framework for women's wisdom or the Feminine Divine. As women we are beginning to rebuild our relationsh

How To Lose Weight After Having A Baby

If you want to know how to lose weight after having a baby, there is no special way or secret method. It's much more straightforward. You need a certain amount of determination to succeed, willpower to stick your routine, a well-balanced diet that is lower in fat, and a realistic exercise regim

Natural PCOS Treatments Vs Drug Treatments - Which Wins?

There are three main options available to deal with this problem - you can take drugs, undergo surgery or you can opt for more natural PCOS remedies. Does a natural remedy for PCOS really measure up against these other alternatives or is it just wishful thinking by people who treat it as just a heal

Botox Injections - America's Favorite Cosmetic Procedure

Facial Botox injections are the most common cosmetic procedure done in the United States, but also the most frequently misunderstand. This article addresses some of the most common concerns surrounding Botox, and reviews the most common types of cosmetic Botox injections.


Many women struggling with infertility and miscarriage are so elated to finally become pregnant only to have all of their hopes, dreams, and plans for the future end in miscarriage.You ask yourself, was it something I did?Did I exercise too much?Did I eat or take something I shouldnt have?And for ma

Safety Tips For Jogging Woman

May it be for overall health improvement or for weight control or simply to maintain weight, most women tend to lean on aerobic exercises. Making any physical activity ranging from moderate to strenuous activities everyday would help keep the body in shape.

Yeast Infection - 4 Important Facts You Need To Know

Yeast infection is a fungal infection that is caused by any of the Candida species. However, Candida albicans is the most common species that can cause this condition. Yeast infection candidiasis, and it can be classified into several types according to the part of the body affected. Although candid

How to Take Proper Care of Your Ladies Wig and Make It Last Longer

Do you wear a full coverage ladies wig? If so, you're part of an increasing number of people who, every week, buy a ready-to-wear or custom-made real hair or acrylic fibre wig. The truth is that the choice of ladies wigs is getting wider and wider - and as a result, there are different care ins

D-Mannose - Ten Things That You May Not Know About D-Mannose

If you are someone who has experienced the pain, distress and inconvenience of recurring bladder infections/cystitis or a sensitive bladder or sensitive urethra, here are ten things that you may be interested to know about D-Mannose. 1) D-Mannose has developed an outstanding reputation for supportin

Hope to Cope with Failed IVF

There is truly no other amazing time of a life, than being a woman who is pregnant and the feel of another being growing and breathing inside of you.

What is the Recovery Time After Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentations come in many different sizes and shapes, the people who undergo the breast augmentation procedure also varies from person to person. Because of these variations the time that is takes from someone to recover from a breast augmentation procedure will vary as well.

Is it normal to have discharging vagina?

Vaginal discharge is very much normal and a lady has to face that sometime in her life. Even it is necessary to keep the place infection free but if have excessive vaginal discharge then must go for p

Perimenopausal Symptoms

There are so many symptoms of perimenopause that women need to be prepared for. Learn what to do when you start noticing these symptoms, and learn why you may be having them at such a young age.

Hairy What?

For all those younger ladies out there take this advice from a real woman - prepare for your older years wisely. If you don't - you could be in for a big surprise.