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Why Do We Eat?

Appetite can be experienced in the absence of hunger. It is triggered by the sense of sight, smell, taste and texture of foods. Hunger, on the other hand, is physiological sensation that drives us to eat and it does not target certain foods, but a variety of foods. It is important to realize the dif

Beneficial Green Drinks

A "green drink" is one that is derived from green vegetables.Grains are very nutritious while they're growing and young.They are tender, grassy and their nutrients are very dense.

Be Healthier And Stimulated Using These Sensible Foods

The good news is that if you choose your foods wisely, you can increase your energy levels back up again so that you feel great as you move along with your diet. Let's have a look at the top energizing foods that you should be consuming.

Optimizing Your Nutritional Intake With a Personal Chef

Many professional athletes take every possible step to reach their optimum level of health and to maximize the intake of the proper vitamins and minerals that the body needs to operate at a high level day in and day out. However as people become more in tune with the improvements that a good diet ca

Fruit Smoothies Complement a Balanced Diet

On the first part, fruit smoothies present a good way by which to down your food. They make for good starters letting the diners pick up the conversation as the food is made ready. Their richness in vitamins helps complete the picture of a balanced diet.

What Can I Eat For Energy?

Have you often felt that your energy levels start to dip as the day wears on and you need to turn to that favorite cup of coffee just to get you through the evening? Read on to find out more about how you can get more energy from the foods you eat.

Eat Whole Foods For Proper Nutrition

By focusing on eating whole foods you will make sure that you are giving your body the proper nutrition and will set yourself up for diet and weight loss success. Remember to avoid the refined, sugary foods and go for the whole foods.

Plum - Why Should You Have Them Daily

Fruits are the best source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. So, it is essential to have fruits at least thrice a day. Fruits, as if had in the natural form, are easy for the body to absorb all vitamins and minerals. Fruits are cent percent bad cholesterol free and also ensure the right amount of wa

Give the Gift of Thyme, Natures Antiseptic and Disinfectant

This lovely aromatic herb has been used as medicine throughout history especially for chest and respiratory problems.Researchers have found that thyme contains a volatile oil known as thymol.It is this oil that acts as an antiseptic and disinfectant.

Sports Nutritionist London

Improve your performance with a sports nutritionist in London. There has been a lot of hype about sports nutrition over the last few years, with athletes trying to focus on every last detail in order ...

Waiora And Zeolite Improve Health Industry With Natural Cellular Defense

Living healthy isn't always easy, especially in the world we live in today. Learn how Waiora and their Natural Cellular Defense nutritional health product with activated liquid zeolite is taking the health industry by storm with its amazing detoxifying and cleansing abilities of harmful toxins

Protein and Sports - How Protein Plays a Role in Sports Performance

For the average person, protein needed is based on their size and activity level. For a person who is doing sports of any kind, however, the need for protein is increased based on the kind of activity, how physically demanding it is, and how often they are doing it. The body uses protein during exer

Nature's Best - The Acai Berry

Different fruits contain different nutritive values; example - an orange is known to have more Vitamin C, while a banana is known for its Potassium content. But nature really has its way to produce different fruits in order to supplement man's needs.

Do You Know What Is a Good Serving Size? Correcting Portion Distortion

The million dollar question: What is the solution to the obesity epidemic? If there were just one answer it would be a simpler problem to address. But unfortunately, there are many components to a lifestyle that promotes overweight and obesity. Most certainly serving size is one of the factors to co

Focused Nutrition to Counteract Colon Cancer

Historically, the consumption of meat (both red meat and processed meat) has added to ill-health effects experienced by human beings, like Colon Cancer. Such ill-health affects easily deteriorate a person's life and the quality of his/her life. With proper dieting, a person can achieve excellen

Weight Watchers is not the only way to lose weight

This article is a neutral observation of the Weight Watchers system with key ways that a person could use elements of the system to improve their own weight loss program or even improve on the Weight

Importance of Carbohydrates in the Human Body

Carbohydrates are chemical compounds containing carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. These compounds have some similarities and some differences. Learn why carbohydrates are important in a diet and which foods are good sources of carbohydrates.

Balancing Your Diet - Good Carbs

Many people are adopting low carb diets in an effort to lose weight. Among the most popular are the Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet. While these are gaining in popularity, many people do not realize that these diets are not as easy or effective as they look.