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Getting your child to eat his vegetables

Getting your child to eat his vegetables The importance of vegetables in the diet of your baby and child can never be over-stated. How do you ensure that he eats his vegetables? •From the age ...

40 Ways to Show Your Tween You Love Them

Your child is getting older, but it's still important to show your love to your tween. Here's how to let your child know he's still your sweet child.

How to Be a Parent As Well As a Friend

Most parents have a hard time being effective parents because they try their best to also be their child's friend. While this is still important, you should always remember that you should be a parent first. Keep this priority in mind is very important in how you approach decisions and set prio

Reasons Why New Mothers Should Have Baby Jogging Strollers

One concern that many new mothers have is how they are going to lose any excess weight that they might have gained during the pregnancy. This is where baby jogging strollers prove to be absolutely beneficial as they allow you to get the exercise you need.

Cucumber Facts for Kids

Have you ever heard the phrase "as cool as a cucumber"? This comes from the fact that cucumbers are made almost entirely from water, making them feel cool inside. This is just one of many interesting bites of information children can learn about this seemingly straightforward part of their salad.

Quiet Fun for Your Tween

All children need downtime and quiet time to recharge, here are easy ways to make those quiet moments enjoyable for your tween.

Best Toys and Games for Kids, Listed by Age

This is a list of all kinds of toys for every age! This is a great resource to help parents find new, exciting, and unique activities that their children will enjoy playing with in their free play time that can also be helpful when buying birthday gifts and holiday gifts!

The Convenience of a Waterproof Changing Pad

There are basically two types of waterproof material vinyl and vinyl free ones. Though both are found in stores, the vinyl free is a much safer option in terms of safety and durability too.

How to Quiet a Baby on an Airplane

Traveling with young children can be a challenging experience. With airplane travel becoming more popular, many families are finding themselves flying with babies. With children too young for in-flight movies, parents often dread even the shortest flight. With a few hints and tips anyone can stay sa

Baby Dressing Games

Babies sometimes allow you to tug things over their heads or stuff their arms and legs into shirts, pants and coats without a big fuss. However, babies can grow tired and cranky, wanting to be left alone. There are times, too, when they don't want to wear anything, especially during warmer times of

Summer Supplies for Parents of Tweens

The summer months can drag on if your tween is bored. These summer supplies will ensure your child makes the most of the summer months.

The Sacrifice Is Well Worth It!

How many times have you thought to yourself; is it really worth it? Should I continue to sacrifice more of my time and energy into something that seems as if theres no forward progress? Am I getting through to my children? Do my children really care about me and what I do for them? Ill answer these

Reasons Not to Use the Word Stupid

According to Carole Banks, M.S.W., individual and family therapist, and parental support line advisor for Empowering Parents, the psychological hold you have over your children is powerful. What this means is anything you say to your child has a much greater impact than you might think. While you mi

How to Calm a Hyperactive Child

Hyperactivity has become a common problem in children, as underfunded schools eliminate recess and after-school activities. Some children suffer from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, a clinically diagnosable psychological disorder. Others simply have a high energy level and are easily bored

Raising a Dyslexic Child - Part 2

Peter had always been a very easily influenced child, and soon he was starting to wear the gothic clothes and his behavior as well as his school work began spiraling downwards. We tried getting him involved in school activities, and he was in band for most of the 7th and part of the 8th grade, but h

Green Food Ideas for St. Patrick's Day

Looking for some great green food recipes for St. Patrick's Day? These recipes are fairly easy to make and fun to make with the kids in the kitchen. And they look great, taste amazing and will be a great addition to any St. Patrick's Day meal.

Spring Fever - Is it Jeopardizing Your Child's School Success? Part Two

Parents, time to come to attention and get focused. Your student needs you now and the tools you need to assist them are at your finger tips. The final weeks of the school year require a level of focus that most students struggle to achieve; this is where you as the parent need to step in. By provid

Hard Rewards As a Magic Motivator For Children

It is a natural instinct of a man that his behavior encourages though rewards. Rewards can be in the form of favors, gifts, money or praise. Rewards can be of different type and here we will talk about hard rewards.

Baby Toys To Stimulate Your Baby

We all want the best for our babies. We give them the love they crave, warm their bellies, and rock them to sleep every night. One important factor in becoming a new parent of a baby is providing them with the tools they need to learn, grow, and conquer the world. Baby toys are a very important inve