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Sugar Free Candy That Kids Will Love

Keeping kids healthy is an incredibly trying process. But it is also extremely important to help them to develop good lifestyle habits that they can carry on throughout their lives. If you can get a kid on the right path early, then they have a better shot at living a healthy and active life as they

Got a Rotisserie Chicken? You Have Dinner Options

For me, one of the most dreaded questions of the day is "What's for Dinner?" After a hard day at work, the quickest dinner is often the best dinner. As an alternative to the fast food drive-through, stop by your neighborhood grocer and snap up a rotisserie chicken. Using these five su

Chardonnays of California

Although the Chardonnay grape has its origins in France, the Chardonnays of California have carved out a niche of their own on the world scene. Chardonnays of California Some of the most popular vino in ...

How to Make Banana Nut Bread

Bananas are originally from South and South East Asia and are first cultivated in Papua New Guinea. They are commonly found in tropical islands. The fruit is very fibrous and sweet with a distinct smell.

Recipe Ideas For Cheese Lovers

Do you sometimes get a severe hankering for something gooey and cheesy? Cheese is a very versatile component for both meals and snacks. Whether you want a warm cheesy dish to chase away the winter chill, or a chilled hunk of cheese straight-up on a warm spring day, there are plenty of recipes to sat

Chile and Lime Corn on the Cob

Next time you want to jazz up your corn on the cob, try this simple recipe called Chile and Lime Corn on the Cob. You will be so happy you did! It's a perfect complement to any BBQ food you are preparing and your friends and family will gobble it up.

Tips for Using Non-Stick Pots and Pans

Perhaps you own a favorite non-stick pot or pan that now has well-worn scratches resembling an Etruscan artifact. At this point there may be tiny flecks of the coating chipping off getting into your food.

What Do Bakeries Use in Their Whipped Cream?

Bakers have the art of frosting cakes down to a science. They know that refrigerating a cake makes it dry out more quickly and frosting a cake with plain whipped cream is sure to cause soggy results. Once you know the tricks of the trade, you can bake like a pro at home. Bakers use a few simple ingr

The Mini Kegerator - A Compact and Portable Way to Enjoy Beer at Home!

A mini kegerator is a perfect addition to any beer-lovers household. It provides all the benefits of having a regular sized personal kegerator, except for the fact that it is...yes you guessed it....MINI! This compact size allows the mini kegerator to be stored almost anywhere and makes it portable

How To Prepare Hot Coffee Correctly

Coffee is a well known drink which is highly preferred beverage that many people love. Everywhere you go it does not matter which city it is, coffee is widely drunk by so many people.It definitely has become a social symbol for all age groups and due to this it has developed into many different flav

Selecting the Right Menu For Your Special Occasions

When you have special occasions, you will need to get the right menu for the guests. Selecting the right menu for your event is just as important as selecting the best location because taking great care in planning a menu shows your guests how much you appreciate them Food can communicate a theme, c

Healty Foods for Healthcare Professionals On-The-Go

As Claude Fischler once said, "If you are what you eat and you don't know what you're eating, do you know who you are?" With busy work schedules and even busier lives, the temptation to eat fast meals, generally high in fat, sodium, calories, and sugar, remains a great risk to th