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Pintucked Baby Dress

This adorable pintuck baby dress by Baby GAP is perfect for any occasion. The bold pattern and colors are slightly retro-inspired, while the pintucks make it as pretty as can be.

About Tattoo Guns

The art of tattooing has existed for thousands of years, dating back as early as 12,000 B.C. While the significance of this art has remained the same, the method in which it is performed has evolved from the painstaking process of using a needle and thread, to the modern day process of using a tatto

How to Braid a Criss Cross French Braid

Learning how to braid a criss-cross French braid is easier than it looks. This is a striking fanciful hair braiding look that can can be accomplished by beginning braiders. Braided hair styles are a great way to keep children's hair tidy and this braid looks excellent for bridal flower girls, quin

Beautician Duties

When people are concerned about their appearance, they usually call upon the help and advice of beauticians. Beauticians are beauty advisers in the practice of cosmetology, providing consultation to clients. They analyze the needs of individuals by providing regular services on appearances and groom

Fixing A Bad Hair Colour

Everyone who has made the effort to dye their hair a different colour has probably at some point been less than thrilled with the results. What looks great on the box or in the picture, may not look so fabulous next your your own skin tone or eye colour.

SunscreensAll That You Need To Know

Sunscreens are an indispensable part of the skin care regimen. They are characterized by their SPF contents and protect the skin against the harmful radiations emitted by the sun. Here are some things about sunscreens that you need to know...

Cufflinks For the High Powered Executive

This article serves as a guideline for individuals who want to dress for success. Wearing fitted clothes and accessorizing with crystal cufflinks can make a huge difference in a person's appe

Liquid Keratin Treatment To Straighten & Soften Your Hair Naturally

Are you worried a lot about your dry, dull or damaged hair? Is your hair wavy, frizzy or difficult to manage? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the aforesaid questions, then you could derive immense benefit from the keratin-based Brazilian straightening treatment.

List of Makeup Companies

Makeup companies commonly offer a wide range of cosmetic, skincare and fragrance products.makeup set image by pr2is from Fotolia.comCosmetics companies are often connected to famous fashion houses; others try to appeal to varying segments of the market, such as fashion model Iman's line...

Bio of Mary-Ellen Kramer

Mary-Ellen Kramer helps us weed through the multitude of skin care products, one at a time, to find those that actually work.

When Celebrity Botox Goes Wrong, Stars Are Scary Looking!

Cosmetic surgeon San Franciscosays that plastic surgery is not just the preserve of the rich and famous celebrities these days. With the lower costs of cosmetic procedures, people are taking advantage of cheap operations abroad or cut price procedures

How to Wear Steel Toe Shoes

Steel toe shoes, usually boots, are often used for work purposes. In addition, steel toe shoes can be worn for hiking and other outdoor endeavors. They are excellent for protecting feet from becoming injured. To wear steel toe shoes, you must get the proper fit and also wear the proper socks to make

Treat Eczema Naturally - Three Great Remedies To Help You Treat Eczema

Eczema is a kind of chronic skin disorder which may occur not only in adults but also even in infants. It is characterized by red, dry, and scaly rashes which could be uncomfortably itchy. In some cases, eczema may crust and ooze, making the affected skin so unsightly. Fortunately, you can treat ecz

Hair ExtensionsThe Facts

There are so many different hair extension application methods on the market today, but everyone is looking for the way that causes the least damage.

How to Put a Panel Into Clothing for Pregnancy

Maternity and nursing clothes are expensive. According to Cost Helper, the average consumer could pay as much as $100 per item. If you are expecting and looking for a less expensive and comfortable way to cover your baby bump, look no further. You can have fashionable and comfortable maternity pants

Proper Shampooing and Conditioning Techniques for Men

Proper Shampooing & Conditioning Techniques for Men - Men's Hair Care - Proper shampooing and conditioning is essential for a clean and healthy head of hair and scalp. And although certain products are geared for particular hair and scalp needs, there are basic steps and techniques one should f