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Pulled-Sugar Techniques

While it is a form of sugar art that requires concentration and practice, pulling sugar can result in unique and beautiful candy pieces. Once you master the method, you'll find that pulled-sugar candies make great homemade gifts and party treats. Pulled-sugar candy can be flavored, colored and shape

Information About Kitchen Remodel

Is it time to upgrade your house that has a kitchen remodel? Though professionals all agree that remodeling your cooking area can dramatically boost the sales value of your house, there are different considerations to ponder.

The Best Halal Meat Stores In The World

Meat lovers have you ever got a chance to go through variety of meat products under one roof. Many of us usually go in search of best meat products across the town for making best dishes where sometimes we have to return empty handed.

Corporate Events

The Gourmet Taste specializes in Weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Anniversaries, Fund Raisers, Theme Parties, Special Events and much more. The Gourmet Taste, with locations in White Plains and Rye Brook is the premier caterer for Robert P Weisz of RPW Group, one of the largest commercial real estate d

Three Bar Tricks That Anyone Can Maste

Everyone should have a couple of bar tricks stored up their sleeve. Bar tricks are a fun way to impress friends, family, onlookers and the opposite sex. There is even the possibility of winning yourse

How to Use Plastic Champagne Glasses for Toast

Commemorating a job well done or a festive occasion in the office? Perhaps you're throwing a large party, or making a New Year's toast under the stars. Sometimes life calls for plastic. Plastic stemware allows you the luxury of champagne in a way that is economical, stress-free, and even eco-friendl

How to Make Onion, White Bean and Gruyere Soup

Onion, white bean and Gruyere cheese soup is something of a classic, as chefs all over the world prepare and serve this soup quite regularly. Combining the strong, nutty flavor of Gruyere cheese, an aged cows-milk cheese first made in Switzerland with rich, earthy cannellini beans white and yellow o

Brown Sugar Substitutions

Brown sugar is a staple in many recipes.chocolate chip cookies image by Leticia Wilson from Fotolia.comBrown sugar is a stronger flavored, more moist sugar often used in baking and glazes. When a recipe calls for brown sugar and you don't have it on hand, try a quick substitution.Make...

Easy Recipes For Kids And Making Homemade Gifts

Getting quality time with our kids is harder these days then before. There are many "toys" and high tech gadgets they tend to prefer to play with. Cooking with kids can provide hours of fun and a constructive activity that can be used to make homemade gifts for people they care about. Spen

High Calorie Baking Ingredients

It's a sad fact but baked goods with high fat ingredients simply taste better. There's nothing like a buttery biscuit that falls apart as you take a bite or a brownie heavy with chocolate. If you want to keep people talking about your baking skills, these ingredients are your friend. If...

Food to Flatten a Tummy

There is one characteristic that it seems like everyone is striving for when it comes to their bodies; flat tummies. While some may find it easy to get the six-pack abs they want, others will struggle with diet and exercise and never obtain drastic results. However, some foods can help jump-start a

Hotel Reservations Ropar Are an Easy Process Now

Hotels update their websites on a usual basis for providing info on their offers. As a matter of fact, a good deal wouldn't stay for long. And so, grab a deal when you find it! During festive

Food Home Delivery

Love to eat food! Tired of searching for restaurants near to your place! Wanna try new delicacies sitting at home? Order your favorite food by one of the leading online order portal and enjoy at your

How to Make Donuts Over a Campfire

Camping is a favorite pastime, but when you're away from civilization, the food can get a bit mundane. If you're a fan of fresh donuts, you don't have to give them up just because you're camping. Learn how to make tasty donuts over an open fire, no matter where you are. You can make them plain, w

Chinese Sponge Cake

Chinese sponge cake – the secret to this recipe for Chinese sponge cake lies in the fact it is steamed, which makes it very moist. Here are step by step instructions, with photos.

Why Does Mold Grow on Food?

What is Mold?Mold is a type of multi-celled fungus whose spores are invisible to the naked eye but can easily be seen under a microscope. The spores of mold are typically thread-like in nature with a curved edge on one side, which causes the spores to bear some similarity to a dome or...

Strawberry Pork Chop Fiesta Recipe

This appetizer combines fresh summer strawberries, artichokes and chiles with a bacon-wrapped chop for a unique pairing of sweet and savory flavors.

10 Popular Spanish Breakfast Foods

Breakfast in Spain is usually a light affair.Spanish Flag blowing in the wind. image by Aleksey Bakaleev from Fotolia.comBreakfast in Spain, known as el desayuno in Spanish, tends to be the lightest meal of the day (in contrast with lunch, the largest). Coffee or hot chocolate plus a...