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Spiritual Transformation - 7 Tips in Processing Your Spiritual Growth

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It has been a roller coaster year for me.
Starting last January, my spiritual transformation as well as my physical transformative process took off rapidly with one shift after another, one experience after another, one change after another.
At times I was shifting and changing literally from one day to another.
It has been a process of discovery, being painfully honest with myself and learning to more fully trust me and what I am feeling.
It has not been fun for much of the time.
The body aches and pains, the release of deep emotions, the physical changes, can be difficult to deal with in the best of times.
However, I have learned much to date and continue to do so.
I realized early on I was not alone.
I have had long talks with many others who are also going through similar circumstances in their own spiritual growth, experiencing the same types of shifts and changes and I know there are many more of you.
Add to this the vibrational shifts in Mother Earth and in the human race as a whole and we are experiencing daily a greater intensity in our evolvement which can be almost debilitating at times.
To help, here are seven tips I have learned along the way to smooth out the rough patches in the transformational process and facilitate a deeper change to every level of your being.
#1 - "This too shall pass" - During any growth, there are growing pains.
These are a common and often necessary part of becoming new and improved.
Reassure yourself that they are temporary.
Look toward the end result and get excited about the new possibilities happening for you.
#2 - "Stay positive!" - Put worry and fear aside.
Yes, this is easier said than done.
However, these will only make you feel worse and accomplish nothing.
Find ways to help you keep a positive mental attitude.
Try affirmations or surrounding yourself with joyful, happy things like music or laughter.
#3 - "Be easy with yourself" - Take care of yourself and give yourself permission to pamper You.
By going through transformational growth, you are doing a lot of work even though you may not be fully conscious of all that is happening.
If you're tired, rest.
If you have achy muscles, take an Epsom salt bath or get a massage.
Help your body help itself to get through any symptomatic rough patches.
#4 - "Listen to yourself" - This time is a golden opportunity to really learn more about the signals your body sends you to tell you what it needs.
Listen to it; try different things.
Explore what works and doesn't work.
Getting in touch and more fully understanding you and how you function is a crucial part of your spiritual growth.
Try either meditating or just spending a few quiet minutes every day tuning into how your body feels and what it is trying to tell you.
#5 - "Be honest" - This not only applies to being honest with yourself but also to being honest with others.
You are in a state of discovery to become a higher evolved being.
One of the highest virtues is honesty.
If you are not honest with yourself, you can slow or even stop your spiritual growth.
Honesty helps you stay on your path and know what to work on next to continue your progression.
As to honesty with others, own your feelings and emotions.
Don't be ashamed to say no to a request if you are having a rough day and your energy is low.
Being honest doesn't mean you have to explain yourself.
You may not even be able to do so in the moment.
But, you can honor what your body and intuition are telling you.
Don't force yourself to be in a situation where you have to put on an act and be inauthentic.
#6 - "Seek support" - Always remember you don't have to go it alone.
There are others who have been where you are.
Seek comfort and advice from them.
It can be very educational and facilitate your growth while at the same time give you a warm, safe place to really open up and be you.
Also, by allowing another to help you on your journey, you are in turn helping them on their journey by allowing them to be of healing service and comfort to you.
It's a win-win situation for both! #7 - "Go with the flow" - Be flexible during these times.
You may never know from day to day, sometimes even hour to hour, how you will feel.
Arrange your schedule to allow flexibility to do what your body wants and needs when necessary.
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