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To Find the Meaning of Success: Why Not Go on a Road Trip?

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What is success?

To know how to succeed in life, it helps to compare success with going on a journey.

For most of us, we take trips in our cars every day. We go to work, to the mall and to the dentist. But to determine the meaning of success in this exercise, try envisaging yourself taking an important trip. How about one of those long road trips? See yourself behind the wheel, eager and ready to get moving. Do you know where you're going?

Suppose that you have some idea but don't know exactly where it is you really want to go. What do you do? You could back out of the drive and follow the road in the general direction. Or you could toss a coin and let heads or tails make the decision for you. Sounds exciting, but is this wise? In order to make your journey meaningful, I recommend you don't start with a vague idea. I urge you to pick a place. Choosing a specific destination gives you purpose. It gives you an objective. And depending on your ambition, you draft a plan to suit your journey.

Having a plan is essential to success. And a good plan will show you the right road to get to where you want to be.

How do you make a plan?

Suppose you are a spur-of-the-moment type of person. You might throw a few things into a bag, pocket your keys and cash and jump into your car. I've always wanted to be like that. I wish I had the boldness and nerve to just go where I feel like. To trust that I would have everything I would need to achieve my goals. While planning on the hoof can be fun, it can also be daunting and careless. Not making plans can also be irresponsible. People who don't plan could end up wasting time going in the wrong direction. Or worse, they could run out gas and have to wait by the side of the road for help. If you don't like to plan, that's okay. As long as you keep your destination in mind, I don't doubt you will find a way to get there.

On second thought, you may be smart. Smart people tend to plan meticulously. They pull out a map and outline their route. They check their oil, gas and tires. They listen for the latest weather, traffic and road warnings. This way they are prepared for any eventuality.

It is smart to plan. It's smart to research, learn and listen. Planning not necessarily ensures success, but it certainly makes it more possible.

Want to know how to succeed in life? Then analyze what sort of planner you are.

After you set goals, do you go on to devise a personal development plan? Or do you just wing it? Pray and hope for the best? For most of us, we probably do a mixture of both.

Making a plan prepares you. It gives you a program to follow. And a good plan almost guarantees that you will make productive use of your time, energy and capabilities. But even the best planners cannot foresee every detail. We can get held up, get caught up in an accident or fall ill. Stuff happens.

If our plans hit a hurdle, what do we do?

Relax. Take a break. Have a cup of coffee. And remind yourself of your goal.

Problems are inevitable. We will always encounter obstacles along any road we choose. When that occurs, don't be disheartened. Keep on keeping on. And remember to do the right thing. Follow the signs, don't exceed the speed limits and give way. It's important not to take shortcuts that you will later regret.

Executing plans requires perseverance. And in order to persevere, we have to be flexible. If we can't go by the straight road, we might consider taking one that skirts around. Or if we get lost, it would be stupid not to ask for help, and if need be, make a new and improved plan. As long as we keep our destination in mind and persevere, we will surely find the right way.

What is success? Success is a personal journey. But the quality of the success we attain hinges on our goal and the quality of our personal development plan. The more ambitious you are, the more arduous the road. Are you up for it? If you are, then go right ahead. Plan your course and stick to it. And don't forget to take time to relax. It won't hurt to have fun along the way, too.

Hope you enjoyed this!

Ivee Olivares

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