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Time Management Tips - The 7 Annual Top Time Strategies

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Time management tips become the year's favorites when they are current, effective, and easy.
Here are 7 of our most highly read suggestions from the past year.
#1: Repair Your Relationship with Your To-Do Lists.
Do you struggle with and resent your To-Do List? If so, here are 2 characteristics of Productive To-Do Lists: * The activities on your Productive To-Do List align with your values.
Remove anything that is not essential or that is based on someone else's agenda about what you "should" do.
* Only put what you can realistically accomplish that day on the list.
Transfer anything else to a Master List.
Your goal is to create a daily To-Do List where you check off each task by the end of the day.
#2: Take Advantage of Facebook's Interest Lists.
Making full use of the Interest Lists Facebook introduced early in 2012 saves you scads of time and strengthens your social media and networking results, too.
* Interest Lists enable you to organize your news feed into something akin to your own, personalized newspaper.
This list spares you the time and hassle of wading through quantities of information.
* As with Twitter lists, you can create your own interest lists, or subscribe to lists that others have generated.
To save time, start by checking out others' lists and build from there.
#3: Effectiveness Requires Resilience, and Resilience Requires Self-Love.
What's love got to do with it? Think of self-love as fuel, like oxygen in the blood.
It keeps you going and nourishes you, all at once.
Deep self-acceptance is straightforward, unconditional and consistently compassionate.
This supports you as you explore and take important risks.
It also helps you pace yourself realistically.
Stay grounded and learn as you go.
#4: Password Protect Your Time to Preserve Your Focus.
Time boundaries serve as sturdy fences to protect your time.
So carefully weigh what you want to keep in and keep out of your life.
Then set up a system of required passwords to delay your impulse to open up a site that is a distraction for you.
Slowing yourself down helps you to redirect your energy back to what's truly rewarding.
Not surprisingly, there are apps you can access to support your password protection strategy.
If you work on a Mac or a PC, use a tool like Last Pass to manage your passwords.
#5: Focus on Minutes to Optimize Your Hours.
The key here is focus.
Translate high priority plans into actions in this moment.
Then you bring undiluted energy to the challenge you're facing.
Habitually chunk your activities into small increments.
Appreciate each mini goal you accomplish, and you'll be celebrating your success many times throughout your day.
#6: Got 5 Minutes? Vanquish Procrastination! Yes, it is that simple.
Here are 3 key points: * Making a start is generally the biggest hurdle for people who procrastinate.
Once you've overcome that obstacle, your procrastination fades.
* A 5 minute block of time can be set aside.
Success brings increased energy and reinforces this process.
* Take 5 minutes whenever you choose.
Simply make a quick start on whatever has you stymied.
Then quickly take the next immediate step.
#7: Align Your Web Content with Google's Penguin Standards.
It's essential to stay on top of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
If you're an on-line entrepreneur or small business owner, it is of prime importance to keep pace with Google's changes.
To that end, here are 2 resources to check out: * Webimax's Webinars.
These discuss changes in Penguin and what you need to do to successfully meet new challenges.
And you can download the webinar contents as a PDF.
* Google's Help Center.
They have posted an article about duplicate content that sets out the current issues.
By pairing time management tips that build personal strengths with technical tools, you develop a full-spectrum approach that positions you to make powerful strides in maximizing your time.
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