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Common Myths And Misconceptions About Stun Guns

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This isn't the Discovery channel and we won't be blowing anything up in this post, but we will try to right the many wrongs when it comes to what people think of Stun Guns. There are many myths and a lot of false rumors about stun guns that have accumulated over the years. The stories began when stun guns first came to the market and became popular with the police and other law enforcement units. Many dread or do not buy a stun gun simple because they are afraid of some of these myths.

YourGreatestProtection.com will try to help break some of these myths and replace them with accurate information you should keep in mind when buying a stun gun.

Myth 1: If you use a stun gun on the attacker and he touches you, you will shock yourself.

Why this is false: It is hard to understand why one would come up with such a story or why others would believe. Think about it, what would the practical use and purpose of the stun gun be if it had such a flaw! The current will not transit back to you and you can use it without any fear of this.

Myth 2: Stun guns are large and bulky.

Why this is false: There are some stun guns that probably fit into this criteria, but general no, they are not large or bulky. Perhaps 20 years ago they looked like large batons, but today they can come in a size of pen! Look at the lipstick stun gun for example! It is a small, compact and discreet self-defense for the ladies and surly not bulky or big.

Myth 3: Stun guns are an offensive weapon.

Why this is false: Anything can be an offensive weapon. You could probably even use a spoon to beat up somebody if you knew how and had the skills to do it. Stun guns were made and are used as self-defense products and they are labeled as such.

Myth 4: Stun guns can be lethal.

Why this is false: Stun guns use a lot of voltage. We even have some 5 million volt stun guns like the Blackout, however, this stun gun like all others doesn't have the amperage to kill someone as it ranges around 3 miliamps. Voltage is unit used to measure electrical potential, while the Amps are what measures the strength of the electrical current and that is what's lethal. Stun guns use high voltage to shock the body and the neural system, but use very small electrical currents.

Myth 5: It is hard to use a stun gun.

Why this is false: No reason to believe this myth at all! All you have to do is press a few button and thrust the shock point of the stun gun into the attacker. Watch a few explanation videos and read the manual you will get with the stun gun and you will see that it is very easy to use them.
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