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How to Plan an Event Properly

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Planning an event requires a lot of information, effort and time.  Some times things can get more overwhelming than you thought possible.  It is usually during the most chaotic moments that something happens that ends up costing a fortune in the end.  You can avoid costly mistakes by following a few simple steps.

1.    Never sign anything with out reading all of the print and even having an attorney review it first.  It is important that you understand exactly what is promised and how much it will cost.
2.    Never accept a verbal agreement.  Write every thing down and have both parties sign the new written agreement and date it.  If you already have a contract in place that contract will be what the judge defers to unless there is another written agreement amending the first contract.
3.    Never assume that because you are paying you can make all the decisions.  Understand the policies of the services before you hire on other services.  Some locations may charge you extra if you use outside caterers.  Some caterers may charge you extra if you hire a different cake maker.  
4.    Never hire friends or family members for special events.  Let them enjoy the event with you and find a qualified person to film or photograph the event instead.  Besides, it can be difficult complaining if the work is not to your liking.
5.    Never hire anyone with out getting references and researching their experience and qualifications first.  You want to know what you are getting before you get it and not afterwards.

Following a few simple “don’ts” will help you stay out of trouble while planning your next event.  Stick to the professionals, ask lots of questions, read through everything and plan your time well so that you don’t end up being rushed.
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