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Lucid dreaming is basically dreaming while you are aware that you are dreaming. If you are in a lucid dream, you will usually have some control over the dream anything from having the ability to fly or making an thing or room appear behind a door or inside a pocket, right up to being able to change into creatures and create a whole world! It is like being a director of your own movie. Lucid dreams have now been scientifically shown to exist, and many articles and books are being written about learning how to have lucid dreams.

Each night, we spend somewhere between one and a half to two hours dreaming. We dream about once every 90 minutes of sleep. The time you spend dreaming becomes longer as the night progresses, from about 10 minutes to around 45 minutes or a little longer. But why do we dream, and what are the meanings of these dreams?
Many books, charts, dream dictionaries, and even dream software programs are available today for those wishing to explore the meaning of their dreams. The most popular and by far the most intriguing of these books are about lucid dreaming. A lucid dream is one where the dreamer realizes they are having a dream and are able to take control of it. Lucid dreamers have the ability to control their dreams and are able to create a variety of fantasies like making new objects appear, change their appearance, or fly around the room. There are many forms of lucid dreams, but all have in common the fact that sooner or later in the dream the dreamer recognizes the experience is a dream. While lucid dreaming has been shown to exist, frequent lucid dreaming requires much practice and determination. Many people develop specific techniques of lucid dreaming for personal or spiritual purposes.

Many of us will lose awareness when we fall asleep each night and are not aware that we are dreaming. We will doze off to sleep and within minutes it seems we are waking up and remembering the dream we just had. We were not aware while we were dreaming that everything we saw or were doing was a dream. Everything we did appeared real, as if we were experiencing the actions in real life. We were not aware that is was a dream until we woke up.

The term lucid indicates you are awake or aware, and lucid dreaming suggests you are awake during the dream. You are aware what is happening while you are lucid dreaming, and you realize that the events happening to you, or the images you are viewing are not real. You realize that you're awake and resting with your eyes closed, and you are virtually in control of the dream and can make whatever you like happen. Having that much control allows you to experience some amazing things that you normally wouldn't consider.

Many people fly in lucid dreams and have the ability move things or objects with their minds. Meeting and conversing with someone you admire, and passionate or sexy encounters are very common while in a lucid dream. These experiences are only happening in your dream of course. You are not really meeting these people, and flying around the world, but it can be an awful lot of fun to pretend it is actually happening.

Many experts are of the opinion that lucid dreaming allows you to explore your mind and confront many issues you may have, because you are suspended in your subconscious mind. It allows you to explore and learn about your true self.
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