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How to Motivate Yourself in 9 Easy Ways

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Lost your drive? Feeling uninspired? Don't get too comfortable lying down.
Get on your feet and motivate yourself in 9 easy ways as follows: 1) Think happy thoughts.
Visualize happy scenes.
When you are happy, your mood is naturally lifted and it's easier to re-start your engine.
2) Are you chewing more than you can digest? Break down the task into a series of smaller, doable bite size pieces.
In this way, you will not be overwhelmed by the task on hand and can focus on one small bite a time.
3) Celebrate every achievement.
When you complete a task on hand, even a relatively small task, reward yourself with something you enjoy.
It can be an ice-cream, a good meal or going for a rejuvenating massage.
4) Keep a journal on your achievements.
Build on your success.
With every achievement, your confidence will soar and you will be motivated to achieve more.
5) Don't compare yourself with others.
Instead pit against yourself.
Review your achievements regularly and you will be pleasantly surprised by how much you have achieved.
6) Remember to incorporate fun factor in your day or even in your task.
You can arrange a bowling game after work or make the party late for meeting tell a story.
7) Form healthy support network.
They can be the colleagues whom you work closely with, parents of your child's friends or your friends.
Get together often.
Keep the bond strong.
When you need a pep up, they are a good source to turn to.
8) Feed yourself generously on motivational words.
Read motivational articles and books.
Listen to motivational tapes and CDs.
Reach out and fill up your motivational reservoir.
9) Keep pictures of people or things that provide strong motivation around you.
Have family pictures on your desk.
Have the picture of your dream car on your screen saver.
Paste motivational stickers on your desk, your mirror or your fridge door.
Come on, you can do it! Get up and get going.
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