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Sports Are A Valuable Metaphor for Life

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Sports and in particular the Olympic Games are a time when many of us realise the importance of having a clear, single-minded vision of what we want and how we need to focus in order to achieve our goals and dreams in life.
Hypnotherapy can play a significant role in improving that single-mindedness and can help us to improve our focus.
Many people have definite views on sport, they either love it or hate it.
But using sports and the skills and attributes athletes require in order to excel in their chosen disciplines can help us to better understand the relevance of dedication and commitment and how it can help us to succeed.
Sports is a valuable metaphor for life.
- We look at the total focus of serious athletes; many will have committed years of their lives to achieving perfection in their sport and yet many will have to resign themselves to the fact that others are better on the day.
Some may be injured on the day of a competition and will have to defer their dreams of winning, sometimes for months or even years.
And yet, still they remain positive, committed and dedicated to their goal, refusing to give up.
Having a go, remaining focussed, taking part, committing fully to giving of our very best whilst having no regrets is a valuable metaphor for life.
Hypnotherapy is a positive tool for helping with the commitment to a positive mindset, to staying on track and not losing faith.
Self-hypnosis techniques are an important means of dealing with potential distractions, negative self talk and uncertainty whilst remaining positive, focussed and upbeat.
- Sports, even individual events, require several people to work together in a group endeavour.
Masseurs, nutritionists, trainers, sports psychologists have to work together for the overall good of the athlete and as such have to agree to discuss, compromise and co-operate to support their client's training plan.
A hypnotherapist is sometimes retained as part of the support team, there to help retain focus and single-mindedness, to help the athlete manage stress and remain positive.
Hypnotherapy is also a valuable method of pain management and healing, self-hypnosis techniques being an important aid to ongoing health and well-being.
- Being able to lose with a good grace is a valuable metaphor for life.
Seeing athletes give their all, spend years of their life focussed on one competition only to lose to someone else and do so graciously is an important life skill.
Being able to genuinely appreciate the other person's talent, stamina and ability as a deserving, worthy winner is the mark of a true athlete, being able to value and respect the other person's achievement and accomplishment.
- There are many times in life where it's important to have a go, do our best but accept that there can be only one eventual winner.
Applying for a job, pitching for a contract, starting dating again are times when we risk disappointment with no guarantee of a successful outcome.
Some people prefer not to take a chance and would rather walk away from the possibility of disappointment.
Seeing a hypnotherapist can help deal with apprehensive or fear of situations and become more positive about the potential for success.
By having a better outlook we improve the experience and increase the likelihood of a good outcome.
Rising to the challenge and treating failure as a temporary setback helps us become more receptive to what will eventually work.
A hypnotherapist can help us resolve underlying issues, deal with disappointment and support a healthier and more positive outlook for the future.
People in sports often have a strong sense of belonging, whether it be to their support network, their team, their nation.
This loyalty is a strong motivating factor in their endeavours and provides another valuable metaphor for life.
Functioning as part of a group, within our family, with our colleagues or team around us often helps us feel more confident about giving of our best.
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