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Thinking About Success The Right Way

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When you look at successful people, you might simply think that they get out there and do whatever it is that they do and that they are instantly a success at it. The truth of the matter is that the visible part of success is something that is the result of hard work. What you are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg, and when you are ready to be a success yourself, you need to think about what you can do to get the results that you need. Success is a long process; some people call it a journey and that makes sense as well. You are not going to get much further without thinking about it, so make sure that you keep a few things in mind.

The first thing that you need to think about are your needs. What do you want out of life and what does it take to get you there? One good way to get the conclusion that you need is to think about things from general to specific. For instance, start with a line of questioning that begins with "I want to make use of my artistic talent." From that very general statement, you can refine it down to something that is much more precise and useful. You may find that you want to be a full time artist, or you may find that it means that you want to be someone who does art at least four or five days a week, regardless of payment.

Once you have thought about your needs, also remember why you have these needs. Some people charge off on a path that they think will bring them happiness, only to find that months or years later, that that is not what they are looking for at all. The truth of the matter is that success is something that can make a huge difference in your life, but unless you know what you are in it for, and unless you are familiar with the idea of why you are doing it, you are going to be in a bad place. Doing something to fulfill yourself or to take care of yourself is one thing; doing something to show someone else up or out of spite or rage is quite another! Make sure that you know what your motives are and that you are happy with it.

You should not let thought get in the way of action, but they are not two areas, divided by a deep gorge. Thought and action are merely two sides of the same coin and you cannot have one without the other. Make sure that you think about success and also that you think about what you are and are not willing to give up. For example, are there options that are open to you only if you move to a big city? Are you comfortable with the idea of moving to a new city and leaving everything that you know behind? How would your family feel? The more time that you spend thinking about your success, the more decisions you will have to make.

Take a moment to consider what your options might be when it comes to success. Don't charge ahead without knowing where you are going to end up; take the time to look at your route, to think about what it might cost you and what you are willing to do for it!
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