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What Is the Attraction Factor and How Can We Attract Our Desires Into Our Lives?

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When it comes to human nature, and life in general, we always attract to us the things that we are thinking about, and acting out in our daily lives.
To most of you this will be really obvious.
For others, it may be quite a bit of news.
However, regardless of which side of the fence you are coming from, I wanted to point this out first, to ensure this fundamental point was clear.
I do not mean to sound like a strict school teacher, but rather make a point strongly, as we really do need to appreciate this point when it comes to attracting the things we want in our lives.
Having clarified my position, I would like to emphasise that you need to think about all the things you do want, rather than all the things you want to move away from.
I will use an example of the economy if I may.
Many people who may have experienced financial difficulty have tended to focus on the things they may lose.
In other words, they have worried and fretted about the house payments or other bills, and consequently the stress may have caused an inability to even think creatively and work efficiently.
It's human nature to feel like this when you are under stress.
This is where the knowledge of the way the mind works must come in.
Put another way, we need to train our minds to always be thinking of and focusing on the things we want rather than the things that may happen, and cause loss and stress.
It's all about thinking of the things we want to attract to ourselves.
Now, please understand that I am not suggesting you must spend your whole day at home, doing nothing other than thinking nice attractive thoughts.
It's not quite that simple, but rather a point of understanding that we need to go about our daily business, while recognising that the way we think as we are doing things, attracts to us the situations and circumstances that we want in our lives.
It is for some people a fine point of difference, but a very important one.
In other words, we need to look at the attraction factor like this:
  • Have a clear picture or vision of the things we desire in our lives,
  • Regularly think about what we want and the way we would like things to turn out,
  • Eliminate all visions of the worst scenarios, as worry has helped no one ever,
  • By having a plan, and acting it out, we are doing things to move our position forward.
  • The process of action will bring forth other circumstances that may have not been planned specifically, that will aid our overall goals and desires
  • This point has been proven over the years by many people and following these principles is guaranteed to work.
    It's like the law of gravity.
    You just know it pulls things to the ground.
    Similarly, the law of attraction works the same way.
When we are motivated, and expectant, and are active, our goals materialise better, as the laws of the universe, like gravity, just work this way.
It is being proven more and more by physicists and scientists, but for the sake of past experience, accepting this law as fact will make the rest much easier.
The best proof, after all, is in your positive experiences and outcomes.
You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
It is normal for some people to feel a hesitation towards these principles, if they seem so far opposite to your current results.
The saying where the proof is in the doing applies here.
The best way to prove these principles is to apply them on a determined basis, over a period of a month or two.
I know they work and I know that every person who applies them fervently will see results in their lives.
Another way to look at this is to think of the law of persistence.
In many cases, the persistent person gets their reward, as others will fall away, or give up.
The determined person always wins.
Have you got the desire? I also liken desire to attraction.
Desire something enough, like air when you are held under water, and your attraction to that thing will bring it forth to you.
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