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Manifesting Prosperity And Abundance: Asking Is Believing

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Asking is believing, Have faith in asking, For your abundance is assured.
Have you been wondering why your life is not all that you would have it be? You have read all the books, used all the tips, tools, and lessons, but yet, here you are, still wondering when the abundant Universe is going to open the flood gates into your life and pour prosperity unending.
What else is there to do that you have not already tried, right? You have tried and tried but you never seem to be able to manifest all that you desire.
You ask, "Does the Universe hate me!" A simple answer: NO!! Your Soul always has Its Eye on you.
It is always with you watching over you and loving you endlessly no matter what.
So, you ask, "What, then, is going on that keeps me from experiencing all the goodness my Soul has for me in this world?" Short answer: your head! You see, your thoughts are getting in the way.
We are human beings with intellect.
Our brain can think thousands of thoughts per day.
On average, our brains have more than 60,000 thoughts each day.
With this many thoughts, many are random and many more are unconscious (they happen without our awareness).
With so many thoughts that seem to be out of our control, what then is a human to do! How do we harness this untamed land of intellect and create? Good question! Straight to the heart answer: you feel.
Yep, you open your heart and feel your thoughts and allow your heart to resonate outward into the benevolent Universe where all things that match the frequency of your good feeling is revealed for your enjoyment.
Here's how it works: For two to three days, reach for a thought that at one time brought you into a state of feeling good and sit in this feeling for as long as you can as often as possible then, watch the Universe deliver.
It takes only 17 seconds before your energetic vibration (from your heart) makes the switch to this higher frequency.
Then, throughout the day for at least two days (longer is always better), reinforce this frequency by bringing your thoughts back to that "feeling good" state of being.
You create (manifest) through the way you feel.
You ask and it is given.
Asking is in the feeling.
It starts with a thought (a memory of something good) and continues with the feeling.
So, launch your desires into the Universal Energetic Field (which is all around you), and feel yourself into creation.
The faith in asking is knowing that the Universe heard your call.
You demonstrate this faith by your peaceful knowingness.
Think, feel, relax (let go).
This is the formula for prosperity and abundance everlasting.
We cannot think thoughts alone and hope to create all that we desire because our intellect always changes the subject and it is too smart to know when something is not our truth.
In other words, we cannot try to convince ourselves by thinking thoughts that try to affirm a reality that is not practical at this time.
For example, we may not be able to convince our mind to perpetually believe that our bank account holds millions upon millions of dollars.
Is this realistic at this point in time? No, not likely! Therefore, you always start with a thought you have had prior success with and allow yourself to remember how it felt.
Whenever you feel the goodness, the Universe responds in likeness.
This is called the Law of Attraction.
This is the Universe's operating system.
Likened to the iPhone's iOS, It knows no other uOS.
It is always tuned into you.
Therefore, your sole job is to tune into It.
Ask, feel, create.
Have faith that what you ask for is on its way.
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