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Your Dream Loves You - Do You Love Your Dream?

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"Your Dream loves you but the question is, do you love your Dream?" John Di Lemme Have you ever read or heard something that made you stop dead in your tracks? That is what happened to me when I read the statement that was sent to me from my friend and mentor, John Di Lemme.
John created "FindYourWhy.
com" and he is the worlds leading authority on making millionaires out of ordinary people.
That is one of his dreams.
John is a constant inspiration to me.
John writes to me many times a week and I read his words carefully but today his message hit me like a Heart Attack.
We all have dreams and goals and they come from our heart to our mind.
I feel that our dreams are created from love, thus, our dreams love us.
Do we love our dreams? Dreams are given to us by our creator.
We would not have been given a dream if we did not have a way to make it materialize.
The dream is our gift from our creator.
GOD is my personal savior.
You may call your creator by another name.
That is your choice.
My God is love and so is our dream.
If we truly love God or our creator, we must take our dreams and goals seriously and love them as well.
We have created our dreams out of love but do we act on them? If not, than we are not loving the value of our gift, the dream.
To love and appreciate the value of our dream we must take action on them everyday.
I believe that when you take action on your goals and dreams, miracles happen.
Miracles happen out of the love of God, self and your dream.
When you love your dream and act upon that gift you will see your destiny manifest itself in your life.
Your manifest destiny comes from loving your dream and making it happen.
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