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Self Confidence is Like a Plant

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Plants grow from small seeds, out of the dirt and can grow into very large plants.
Most people start with great self confidence as children.
As you go through life it can get hammered into submission.
Once you reach a certain age, around 25, you are hopefully running your own life now.
Now is a great time to tend to your self confidence, like a plant nourishing it back to health.
Everyone has experiences that help and hurt our personal image.
One of the keys to having good self confidence is to notice the experiences that helped.
Many of us are trained to be perfectionists.
We look hard and long for things that went wrong so we can fix them for next time.
This does not allow us to notice all the things that went right in our day.
The lack of positives and surplus of negatives seem to get people down over time.
Why not take a moment to notice all the things you did well, good and even great in your efforts during the day.
I am not saying to ignore improvements you can make but take the time to see where it went well for you.
Many people feel self conscious about this, some even have told me it does not feel right focusing on what went right.
It just shows how much programming they must have gotten when they were young.
Because you never see young children running around saying how bad they are playing.
It is always, they are the king or queen, the best, and other top feelings.
Some of you are saying I am telling you to live in "happy land" to ignore the "real world".
Oh if that were possible.
Tell me do you really feel you have higher self confidence when you are in a good mood or bad? When you have higher self confidence you are more likely to go tackle the tough challenges in your life.
Versus when you feel badly, many of us just go and hide in the closet and never come out again.
Take the time every day to notice all the things that you did well and the things that went right in your day.
It may take some time in the beginning to notice something but with practice you will get better and it will become easier.
By doing this exercise regularly you will grow your self confidence and you will see the benefits it brings.
Good luck.
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